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After waiting many years the time has finally come, you’re ready to start learning for your driver’s license! A big challenge, but luckily you’re not on your own. Het Groene Rijden, our drivingschool in Leiden, will guide you along the way during the whole process. Interested? Get to know out driving instructors during a free of charge trial lesson in a luxury Mercedes. In this lesson you’ll meet our modern cars and get a taste of what driving lessons in Leiden look like. After your first trial lesson the instructors of our driving school in Leiden will tell you clearly what to expect. We will give an accurate estimate of the numbers of driving lessons needed to take to become a capable driver. We will also introduce you to your own personal driving instructor. From your first day onwards you’ll know exactly what to expect! Are you convinced? Apply for a free trial lesson.

Driving school Leiden with no waitlist

Our driving school in Leiden consists of only renowned driving instructors who know your work or school life can be challenging to combine with periodic driving lessons. That’s why flexibility is very important to us. Unlike our competitors we offer our driving class in Leiden 7 days a week. Are you short on time during the daytime? No problem! Our driving lessons in Leiden are also available during the evenings. Because of our flexible working times out driving school in Leiden offers driving lessons without a waitlist! Do you want to get your license as fast as possible in a luxury Mercedes? Then you’re at the right place.

Drivingschool Leiden with results

There are many driving schools to choose from. What’s most important? Results! Afterall, the main goal is to get your driver’s license as fast as possible. Our driving school in Leiden will do everything in its power to help you achieve this goal. We do this by working with only professional and experienced driving instructors who teach individually and personal. We also work with the newest CBR exam norms and our instructors stay up to date by yearly trainings. Furthermore, we keep an eye on current CBR exam routes so we teach our students as effectively as possible.

Besides our driving lessons in Leiden, we also offer driving lessons in Warmond, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten, Rijnsburg, Oegstgeest, Alphen aan den Rijn, Voorhout, Sassenheim and Noordwijk.

Why our drivingschool Leiden

Looking for a drivingschool near Leiden? Then you’re in for a challenge. There are many to choose from. Het Groene Rijden is a renowned driving school who has been giving driving lessons in Leiden for many years and hundreds of students. Flexibility and personal guidance are very important to us. Our drivingschool in Leiden has multiple experienced driving instructors who offer a driving class in Leiden 7 days a week. We also believe driving lessons in Leiden should be attainable for everyone. That’s why our drivingschool in Leiden has competitive pricing. A trial lesson is always free of charge, and you will be teached in only modern cars like luxury Mercedes. Do you want to take a driving class in Leiden during the evening of during the weekend? Then we charge no extra costs! Interested? Feel free to contact us.

10 redenen om voor Het Groene Rijden te kiezen.

  • Groot rijlesgebied in de buurt van Leiden.
  • Modern wagenpark met de nieuwste functies.
  • Scherp geprijste pakketten.
  • Goede beoordelingen van vorige leerlingen.
  • Op jouw tempo aan de slag gaan.

Gratis proefles?

Voor je het weet zit je achter het stuur bij Het Groene Rijden. Geen verplichtingen en meld je aan voor de mogelijkheden. 

Proefles aanvragen

Pakket 1Je bespaart €40


  • 20 rijlessen van 60 min
  • Inclusief 1 praktijkexamen

Pakket 2Je bespaart €70


  • 30 rijlessen van 60 min.
  • Inclusief 1 praktijkexamen

Pakket 3Je bespaart €120


  • 40 rijlessen van 60 min.
  • Inclusief 1 praktijkexamen